“SWEET COUNTRY” LTD was founded in December 2005. The company started its functioning in March 2006. The factory in the shortest time took special place in the market. Its success is not only conditioned by highly qualified staff, but also the high technologies, which were carried in from many leading countries (Germany, France, Italy…) .

 At present, the factory offers customers many types of sweets, which in addition to the diversity, stands out of its high quality and nutritional value. The company “Sweet Country” deservedly has obtained from its consumer, the name of reliable and high quality production making company. Just their feedback and consideration of customer demands is the result that authority of the company got firm and reliable.

 In confectionery manufacturing process, the most important factor is the technological aspect. Hence the sweet country’s production quality is controlled intensively by laboratory equipped with the latest technology. The process reliability is ensured by highly skilled personnel.

 In addition, plant specialists, based on present market demands, are constantly thinking on assortment renewing.